Real estate agents generally have a pretty good satisfaction rate. But you might be the unfortunate one that finishes up with a nasty agent with problems much more troublesome than having to attend each day for a return call . 

We’re talking about some real deal-breakers:

 Don’t shred your contract before you’re talking to your agent. Real estate agents depend on reputation to acquire more work, and sometimes talking to them openly, can fix the problem. 

Dishonesty, not satisfying the obligations outlined within the contract, constantly  lowering your selling price without consulting with you, bad communication, bad or rude attitude—to you or to potential buyers, and more can be the real deal-breakers.

If you’ve got a signed contract, you can’t just fire your agent, regardless of how badly you would like to. Check your contract for a cancellation clause, which can allow you to terminate your listing agreement before the contract expires.

Without a cancellation clause, the agent isn’t obligated to finish the agreement early. But again, no agent wants to be known for forcing unhappy clients to stay to their contracts. 

If you talk to your agent and explain the situation, and there is no way to make it better, they might be ok with cancelling the contract.

Terminating a contract with your agent isn’t always a clean break.You may owe the agent a termination fee for their up-front costs.You may need to wait out the rest of the contract period before you’ll list your home with another agent. 

And, if you sell your home to a buyer who first viewed the house while the contract was in effect, you’ll still need to pay a commission to the first agent.

These are all details to think about before you sign an agreement. If the agent didn’t perform the duties outlined within the contract and you’ll prove it, you’ll claim breach of contract.

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