Before all of this pandemic happened you probably felt that living in an apartment or a small rental was ideal. No need to mow the lawn, fix the broken pipe, or any other maintenance needs. You were always at work so really did not notice how much space you and your family really need. After spending a couple of weeks at home, you realized the lack of designated space you have. Could owning a home be in your future? Start searching for your new home.

For those of you that have kids, I bet you never wanted a backyard so bad. Kids are full of energy and for the most part you get to burn some energy doing some outdoors activities, taking them out to the movies, etc.

But when those options are not available, a backyard is a nice space to play some ball and even camp outside! Take all the noise outside for mommy and daddy’s mental health. A spare room for kids activities such as crafts, gaming, reading and more, is always nice to have.

Kids also need their space to focus on their activities, every minute is a learning experience, and having their own space allows them to explore. 

If you do not have kids, you would also appreciate having a backyard. After spending so much time inside your place and staying safe, a nice relaxing chair in your backyard it’s perfect to take some fresh air as you listen to music and drink that nice hot cup of coffee.

We also see the growing need of having a designated space to work, a home office. For those that were fortunate to be able to work from home, a nice home office with comfortable sitting and segregated from the rest of the rooms is great to work without distractions. 

Working from the dining table while everyone is eating or talking to each other is not the most effective way to work. Eliminating distractions is always necessary to be productive.

Perhaps, there are other spaces that you would like to have, renting an apartment or a small townhouse will always limit your designated areas.

A lot of things have changed, we are in a very strange time where we are adapting to the changes. Maybe you were already thinking about owning a home or upgrading to a bigger one, this is the perfect time to do it!

At RE/MAX Associates we have not stopped working on helping people find their dream home and owning a home. Make a wish list of what you want in your dream, then contact one of our REALTORS®, and let’s start the home buying process! 

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