First of all, why declutter? Well, if you want your home to look like a million bucks, decluttering is a good way to start. Clutter takes over space, making your home look not only smaller but messy.

No matter how clean you are, all the extra stuff on the counters, the table and the living room will give your home a dirty look. Clutter also makes things hard to reach and find, you want to be able to know where all your things are and be able to get them without having to go through piles of stuff. 

Where to start?

Let’s start with one room at a time. Clutter builds up over time and it might feel overwhelming to try to declutter your whole house in one day. So it’s ok to take your time. One of the most used places at home would be the kitchen, so let’s start there. 

If you are the kind of person that saves take out plates in case you need to pack up lunch, that’s ok, but make sure you only save things that you really use.

Go over all of your kitchen items, dispose of all the old  or broken things (trash them) and take out all the extras that you don’t really use (sell/giveaway). 

Getting rid of things will create space for the things that you don’t usually put away. One way to make sure you are not storing things you don’t really need is by taking everything out of the cabinets.

Once you have eliminated all of the clutter, start putting away things in an organized matter. Ta-da! You have officially decluttered your kitchen.

Move onto the next rooms following the same steps. First, get rid of stuff you don’t need, trash, sell, or give away. Second, clean up! And last but not least, put away your items in an organized matter. Pretty simple steps, but might take some time so don’t feel overwhelmed, just make sure that you finish what you start.

If the reason you are thinking about decluttering your home is to sell it, Give us a call!

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