If you have decided to buy or sell a home, you are probably getting information on how to do it. You have probably heard that real estate agents get paid a part of the value of the home you are buying or selling, they get a commission. 

If you are considering doing it on your own to save yourself that money, maybe you should get more information about it. “Saving yourself some money” in the process may cause you a lot of headaches.

It’s understandable, saving money is great. However you are probably disillusioned at how little you definitely save in case you skip out on having an experienced pro guiding you through the deal. So, before you make a decision, let’s go over what the commissions cover.

The fee is commonly cut up among the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent—which means each agent acquires a three percent cut. Let’s say you’re selling or buying a property worth $200,000.

That means each agent will get $6k. Yup, that’s a lot of money, if you’re gonna pay that much at least you should know what that money covers.

The standard commission for a real estate transaction is normally 6% of the house’s sale price

A real estate commission covers all of the work that is going into the home selling or buying process. Consider us, an outstanding agent does lots to help you.

They also placed your property in front of a ton of buyers, using multiple list services (MLS), social media and commercials. This helps you get your property sold quickly and for top money.

A seller’s agent suggests you how to price your property for buyers and—seeing that they know what comparable houses in your area are selling for—they help you price it properly

They help you arrange a home inspection and oversee any essential maintenance or contract modifications so that you don’t get a terrible deal. They help you discover and purchase a dream home that’s within your budget.

On the other hand, a home buyer’s agent researches home listings that suit your needs and rate range.

Beyond those differences, both kinds of dealers provide you with the self belief that a real estate expert has your best interests at heart, and they provide many comparable services. Both sellers:

  • Meet with you in individual to apprehend your needs and answer any questions you’ve got
  • Train you on contemporary marketplace conditions
  • Give you entry to to an MLS—which gives extra alternatives to customers and visibility to dealers
  • Refer different professionals (loan lenders, photographers, inspectors, attorneys)
  • Take you to home showings
  • Negotiate the best price for you
  • Constitute you at some point of the sale and act in your interest
  • Help you with your all the paperwork needed

However, when you’re sitting within the hot seat of a real estate transaction, you’ll quickly comprehend that agents are really worth their weight in gold!

An amazing agent tackles these responsibilities on a daily basis. They will help you stay away from rookie mistakes. Sure, you may try to manage all these items by yourself.

Now that you know what real estate agents do for you and why it is worth paying them the big bucks, give us a call! At RE/MAX ASSOCIATES we have the right agent for you!

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