Finding the right house could take a few weeks or even months. However, what occurs when you find the one? How and when do you make a proposal? Don’t worry, with some recommendations, you could ace your home offer.

So, you’ve simply regarded a house and it looks as if it is able to be the one. Now you’re geared up to make a proposal! This is when your REALTOR® normally steps in to write down an offer letter on your behalf and ship it to the seller’s agent. 

It’s vital to have a very good REALTOR® on your team from the beginning of your own home search due to the fact that the letter can make or break your possibilities in relation to getting the house of your dreams. However, an awesome agent will understand their manner across the entire method.

Now, let’s break down the process of making an offer.

  • First, you have to find the house that meets all of your needs and wants, the one.


  • Then you will talk to your agent and go over details on the home value, together you will decide on what to offer. 


  • Your agent will be in charge of writing the offer letter and sending it to the seller’s agent.

The seller will respond in one of the following ways:

Seller accepts the offer

Yay! Everyone is happy. As quickly as both parties sign the offer letter provided, you’re officially under contract and closer to owning your dream home!

Seller makes a counteroffer

You may either accept this counteroffer, cross again with another offer of your very own, or stroll away.

Seller declines the offer

You could either try to make a more appealing offer (if your budget allows it), or walk away and search for another home.

Now that you know that having the right representation is crucial in the homebuying process, you can give us a call! At RE/MAX Associates we have the right agent for you.

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