Buying or selling a home is no joke. It is a serious business that asks for a smart decision. Of course, one has to be put extra effort into coming up with the best plan as it is one of the biggest financial decisions of life. This makes the selection of the right real estate agent even more crucial.

Who is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is an individual who has an expert who represents the buyer and sellers in real estate transactions. Handling property transfer is a tedious job. With the year-long experience of the field, he guides a person through the entire process with ease.

There is no shortage of agents in the industry. You will find numerous individuals ready to handle your property problem. But, it is your responsibility to find the one that can crack the best deal for the property. It is not every day one has to find a real estate agent. So, not everyone knows which agent will benefit him and which wouldn’t.

Finding a real estate agent can be tricky. An agent works on commission. You have to ensure that the one you choose must not only focus on his profit but yours as well. It is a two-way business. Here is how you can find the best real estate agent near you:

1. Referral

This is probably the safest method of choosing the best among many. Ask a friend or a family member if they can recommend a real estate agent with whom they have worked in past. It is safe to work with one who has given excellent service to any of your known people. Ideally, you look for someone who has a record of working with someone with a similar interest as you.

2. Research

Today, everything you need is available online. All you need to do is do some research. Make a list of top-5 real estate agents in your area. Check their website and active social media accounts. Do not forget to check the reviews and comments on their posts. They give a lot of information about their working method. Do not fret if you end up finding one or two negative comments. It is alright. But, any number more than that could be a red flag.

3. Meet at least three before finalizing

There is a huge difference in the perception you gain from talking to someone in real and virtual. Interviewing at least multiple agents will help you understand the difference of opinion and experience in each one of them. Observe how polished and professional they sound while talking to you. Notice how many times they talk about their work project. The way a person conducts himself says a lot about him. Take your time, talk to multiple agents, analyze each one of them and choose the best.

4. Request for their past work information

It is always better to see the result with your own eyes rather than trusting the man’s word. Of course, the latter works when you already know the person. But, when you are new in the field, always go with a practical perspective for everything. Ask the real estate agent to provide you with the information on the properties he has mentioned working within the conversation. Visit the property or call the client yourself. Ask for their experience with the agent. Towards the end, do not forget to ask if they will hire the agent again for their future projects?

5. Go with your instinct

Sometimes, even after thorough research and background checks, you make the wrong choice. Everything practical that you do while deciding the best real estate agent for you is fine. But, above all, always go with your gut. You must be able to connect and trust the agent you prefer to go with.

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