Psychology plays an enormous role in the negotiation of the home selling process, and sellers are proud of their homes. In fact, Duke University did a study on how we, as humans, price items with sentimental value. Duke termed their research the “High Price of Ownership.” In fact, Duke called owners of something “predictably irrational.” 

Asking a El Paso Home seller to discount their property with zero solid reasoning will only build a wall between you and therefore the seller. In other words, writing a suggestion for a home and just saying, “hey, we would like $20,000 off the house ‘just because,'” isn’t getting to get you anywhere. In fact, a suggestion like this may almost put you in an almost impossible position of trying to get back the seller’s trust. 

And, it could cost you a couple of extra thousand dollars just by making the vendor angry from the beginning. By offending the vendor about their home, I’ve seen sellers say “I’ll sell it to the present buyer, but it’s getting to cost extra.”

Here’s what we tell clients who enforce writing lowball offers right off the bat – If you do not want the house that badly, be happy to float out offensive proposals. However, if in love with the house,  it might be a good idea not to do something to anger the vendor from the beginning .  

At RE/MAX you are not alone, assisting El Paso families that are  BUYING or SELLING HOMES is what we do. Our RE/MAX Agents are good at what we do and we are proud of that.


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