All people desire an occasional escape from the world. Even within the solitude of their home. Dedicating a space for a reading nook can be one of the best methods to create an at-home sanctuary. Make yours ideally fitted for your character choices. Right here is how:

Choose the ideal location

The perfect location needs to be a space where you can be alone and able to relax in the comfort of solitude. Last thing you want is interruptions in the middle of an enjoyable book. Look around for spaces such as the attic, the end of a seldom-used hallway or the corner of a guest room. A place with a window or a nice view is highly recommended. Once you have found the perfect place, make it your own space.

Comfortable sitting 

Comfort is a must have, look for the most comfortable chair or couch, whatever you consider comfortable. If necessary, invest in something comfortable for you to have a pleasant experience while reading your book.


Having your favorite or new books accessible is something to consider. You don’t want to have to leave your nook when looking for the best reading material. Add storage or a book shelf for your books. If reading from an electronic divide, find a place to store chargers and necessary cables. In addition to storing books, add a small table or dedicate a surface space for drinks, snacks, lamps or other things you would like to have in your nook.

Please all your senses 

Make it a pleasant experience for all your senses; a nice rug for the touch, colors around you pleasant for the eye, a nice candle, plants or essential oils, coffee or a nice hot tea, and some nice background music or white noise for an amazing experience.

Create the perfect reading nook and enjoy the experience! If you’re looking for a house with the perfect spaces for you, give us a call!

& let one of our REALTORS® guide you through the process.

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