There is a big checklist to go over when buying a home: school rankings, traffic patterns, noise level, crime rates, etc…. When you throw in competing buyers, possible multiple offers, and lender requirements, the process can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, there is no reason to face it alone; that is where we come in. Whether you are beginning to think about buying a home or have already committed to take the leap, call us.

El Paso Home Buying Process

You need to consider two numbers when shopping for a home. The first number is your pre-approval amount – the maximum home price you can afford. The second number is even more important: what is the maximum home price you are most comfortable with? After all, you want a monthly payment that will not push you out of your comfort zone. Find your sweet spot, and when you come across a house you are interested in, you will know if the payments are compatible to your financial needs.

Before you start clicking through new home listings on the internet, make sure you have been pre-approved by a reputable lender that knows our local market. Not sure who to call? Let us help. We work with lenders every day and can share our experiences. Once you have established a pre-approval letter with a lender, let us know so we can continue on the path to finding your dream home. Third party websites (i.e., Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc…) can have misleading information. We can setup a direct stream from our database so you can view accurate listings at your leisure.

Houses are as different as people, and finding the right fit can be challenging. The best approach is to make two lists. One list is for your needs: what are the things you absolutely need in a house to even consider buying it? The other list is for your wants – features that you would like to have but are not necessary. So what is on your lists? Let us help you sort through what is on the market today.

…negotiating. It is arguably the hardest part of the buying process. The forms are daunting. The liabilities are huge.The time frames are crucial. The real estate terminology is confusing. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between making an offer and making the right offer. As your RE/MAX agent, we are here to handle the negotiations for you. Let us guide you. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call.


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