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Antwann K. Woodley

“The finest compliment I can receive is a referral from past clients and customers.

Thank you for your trust!”

— Antwann K. Woodley

About Me

Born in Germany and raised in Philadelphia, PA, also traveled/lived in 36 of the 50 states, I picked my final resting spot to be the Great city of El Paso. Many may ask why El Paso? Most residents know people don’t randomly arrive in El Paso; I mean, it is called ” The Passageway” for a reason. I am a military veteran with a total of proud eight years of Active and Texas National Guard Service. El Paso is the only place where I could find in all my travels with snowcap mountains two hours towards the north, cross into another country 15 minutes south, modest living, warm weather, and safe, all in one place.

I pride myself by being side-by-side with my clients and guiding them through the transaction that can create changes for generations to come. To achieve that, I have personally experienced all sides of the purchase; the client and as well as a real estate professional. I have also built a portfolio of properties in and outside of the United States; while continuing to thrive as a real estate enthusiast.

In a short time, I have seen the city known as “The Passageway” (El Paso) be more of a Gateway for families to create forever homes and create positive influences in a family-oriented community. It would be my pleasure to be your Real Estate Professional. In closing, in the words of Mark Twain, ” Buy land, they’re not making anymore.”


Antwann K. Woodley

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